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Setting up a Pet Trust for your Dog or Cat

February 5, 2019
Welcome to Ask Nancy, where Nancy Ferraro answers your questions about estate planning to help you feel informed and secure in your end-of-life plans. Today's question is about pet trusts.  Louise in Fort Lauderdale has a question about who will care for her dog Dear Nancy, Last year, my husband of 51 years passed away. […]
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Thoughts on Happiness

February 1, 2019
Today, I wanted to share some thoughts on happiness and how it can affect each and every one of us. “Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city.” ― George Burns Happiness. The actual thing. It’s not guaranteed to any of us.  Our founding fathers even knew it… we are entitled to life, […]
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Florida and New Jersey Doesn't Recognize Common Law Marriages.

January 29, 2019
Living together and think you have a common law marriage? Not in Florida and New Jersey. Marriage has been referred to as an antiquated institution, an almost embarrassing goal for modern women to aspire to, after all, we are supporting ourselves, we are strong and independent, are we not?  Why do we need that little […]
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Prenups: not just for the Rockefellers

January 26, 2019
Welcome to Ask Nancy, where Nancy Ferraro answers your questions about estate planning, business planning and more to help you feel informed and secure in your future. Today's question is about whether to get a prenup or not. Dear Nancy, I am so excited to be engaged to Barry. We are planning to be married in a few months.  It’s been such a whirlwind! We met […]
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Your family could put you at risk of a financial scam

January 23, 2019
We love our families, but that doesn't mean you're immune to being taken advantage of. Look around your dinner table at the next family gathering. No one wants to think that your sweet, little niece, Nelly could be capable of stealing from us, but consider this:  family thefts account for the largest amounts stolen, over […]
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