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What Is a Dynasty Trust?

October 26, 2021
If you want to protect your family’s legacy from unnecessary taxes, divorce and creditors over the course of many generations, a dynasty trust could be your best friend.
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Is My Will Void If I Get Divorced?

October 19, 2021
Major changes in your life—such as marriage, having a baby, moving out of state, or divorce—should prompt a revisit to your current will. It is important to revise your will at these times, in order to ensure your estate planning is up to date.
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Why are the Elderly Making a Switch in Medicare Coverage?

October 17, 2021
A government report reveals a troubling pattern among Medicare enrollees in their last year of life.
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When to Use a QTIP Trust

September 24, 2021
If you’re married, you may consider establishing a QTIP trust, which is short for qualified terminable interest property trust.
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Florida and New Jersey Doesn't Recognize Common Law Marriages.

January 29, 2019
Living together and think you have a common law marriage? Not in Florida and New Jersey. Marriage has been referred to as an antiquated institution, an almost embarrassing goal for modern women to aspire to, after all, we are supporting ourselves, we are strong and independent, are we not?  Why do we need that little […]
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Prenups: not just for the Rockefellers

January 26, 2019
Welcome to Ask Nancy, where Nancy Ferraro answers your questions about estate planning, business planning and more to help you feel informed and secure in your future. Today's question is about whether to get a prenup or not. Dear Nancy, I am so excited to be engaged to Barry. We are planning to be married in a few months.  It’s been such a whirlwind! We met […]
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